Retail Mentor & Consulting FAQ's

Retail Mentor FAQ

Will the Mentor understand my brand?

You are your brand, and any successful mentor will call upon you, your experience and your past learning to guide them on the ins/outs of your brand. It is not the responsibility of the mentor to “understand” the brand - it is through the partnership that you educate each other.

What if I don’t have the time?

A mentor is a commitment on time. It is a bi-weekly arrangement for 6 months minimum. You need to be able to give allocate this time. But think of it another way - the success, growth and clarity that can come from just 60 mins twice a month, could, in turn, create a phenomenal amount of “extra time” in the way that you will run your brand.

Is it the right time for a Mentor?

I always ask my clients, are you ready? Are you ready to make a change? Many clients are often so clear that “something needs to change” - though they don’t know what that is - that's my job!! But they are at the point where change is needed and are ready to leap. It’s in a mindset shift. Wanting to make change vs NEEDING to make the change.

Will they be looking at my businesses finances;

How transparent you are in terms of your sales and finance is up to the businesses owner. Even with the Consultancy Service, if you are not looking to delve into gross and net profits, then we can 100% work efficiently without sharing the details. There will need to be a level of visibility if you want to improve profits, protect margins and increase the overall profitability of your business.

Being pushed in the wrong direction;

Mentoring is a partnership. Without sounding cliche - It’s a journey. I’ve mentioned before, there are no quick wins. I believe in creating a successful business that grows sustainably - one that you will always be able to maintain. This all comes down to the partnership we will create to achieve that we both think is the best course of action to take.

Receiving bad advice;

One of the reasons I work with clients on a minimum of a 6-month basis is to complete avoid rash, reactive or time-sensitive decisions. There is always an element of urgency, but throughout the partnership, we collectively decide what’s best for the business. The mentor coming at it from a business and expertise standpoint - while the retail owner protects the brand values and future insights for the business. There often isn’t a “bad route”. Retail may be changing but Retailing is very much the same regardless of what you are selling and whom to. It’s about understanding your business, your product, your marketing and your customer to make the most educated decision and work towards that goal.

Working with a Mentor.

Deciding to work with a mentor is a big decision. Firstly, you are in a place where you actively know you want to make changes, to focus, grow, succeed - and you know you can’t do it all by yourself. Secondly, it’s allowing someone else into your business. Your business is something you have probably nurtured since day one. The high, the low, the sleepless night - it is yours. Allowing someone into this space is a big commitment - and I don’t underestimate that decision at all. I’ve worked for many start-ups, and I know the emotional and personal connections which are created.

Accountability of a Mentor.

Accountability is a large piece of the pie in terms of mentoring. Experience, advice and knowledge are given, but it is the action you take based upon that information that is where you will see the success. The feeling the night before our session, when you have a million other things to do - but you want to get that last little bit ticked off ahead of our session. Without that accountability, your business priorities will always come last on your list - (and I’m sure that's something you can relate to right now). Embrace that feeling of knowing you do need to get things done. The only one to benefit from that commitment is you, your family, your business and your staff.

The Power to make Change still sits with you;

I by no means think you believe this - but on the very rare occasion, it is believed bringing a mentor into your business means you can sit back and watch the magic happen. If only that was the case! The power to make the change within your business is what you do with the guidelines, the support, the experience being shared with you. What you put in you really will get back out! I work on the idea that you are at the point where you are working incredibly hard, incredibly busy - but at times can feel like you are pushing water uphill…? With a mentor, you will still have to work hard, but you’ll work so much smarter, more efficient, more structured. So for the same amount of work, the return on your efforts is much more.

Client and Mentor Confidentiality;

It goes without saying - but to clarify, anything that is discussed or shared with me about your business is covered by the Law of Confidentiality. Some businesses owners do not like to share that they are acquiring support for their business - it is a personal decision. This is honoured throughout the entire of our partnership - and continues after. There will be no mention of you or our workings on any platform. I will ask at the end of our partnership for feedback - the content of this review will be used as marketing - but all information remains anonymous.

Structure of Mentoring & Consultancy.

All partnerships are for a minimum of 6 months (with the exceptions of those listed below). There are no “quick wins” in life, let alone retail. It’s ever-evolving marketing where you have to be always planning, as well as actioning the current season/campaign/trend. We will meet bi-weekly for 60 mins via Zoom. This is a recurring session. I see the most success with clients that keep to the same session time each week. It allows you to build a routine, manage your time and deadlines effectively. My clients often mention the feeling of “that night before my homework is due” - This is intentional. As mentioned previously, accountability to make the changes needed is a big part of the mentoring processes. Structuring and allocating time for your business development is so important. You have to set yourself up for success - prioritising the time means you are ready to make changes. Outside of the bi-weekly sessions, you will have full email, Voxer (similar to WhatsApp) and Google Suite support Monday-Friday.

Other Resources

Along with the 1:1 support and email communication - I will also share with you relevant templates and process documents to support you with your specific goals. Working in Google Suite to support you in between each bi-weekly session to keep accountability and on track towards our goals.

Understanding your Brand and Business (like you do).

No one will ever fully understand your business as you do, it’s what makes it unique. You are your businesses biggest USP. As a mentor, we can advise, educate and inform - but note that I’ll never proclaim to know your business as you do. I will amerce myself within your values, your vision and your passion. I’ll always offer my honest and experienced business opinion. But there is a reason why I call it a partnership. We will both bring to the table valuable insights in which to consider.



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