Email Marketing is still the most powerful form of digital marketing.


You are not contending against an algorithm and you have the power to set up instant and automatic communication whatever the need of the consumer.


Email Marketing is more than just a weekly or monthly newsletter. It allows you to speak directly to customers need, tell a story, and drive sales within your business.


With the 15 Email Automations Templates you will be guided through;


  • 4 x Organic Sign Up Sequence. 
  • 3 x Pushed Sign Up (Freebie, Discount Code, Early Access)


As well as

  • 4 x Email Templates for a Product Launch
  • 18 x Pick & Mix Ideas to create your own Regular Newsletter Communication.


Through these tools, you will automatically and confidently be able to nurture consumers into paying customers.


You will never be stuck on what to include in your email communication ever again!

12 Email Template Automations

  • You will be sent an email immdeiatley with your downloads. You can access the document on any device and it can be saved for future reference.