Perfect Pinterest for Retailers

Pinterest is the most underrated traffic driver - one that is rarely used within an independent business. And even less so within product-based businesses. However, it is the one that I see so many of my clients getting great success. Business owners who now see Pinterest as a vital aspect of their marketing and traffic-driving strategy.

Throughout this article, I'm going to share with you why it has the success and potential for every business. I'm positive at the end of this article you will take Pinterest more serious, and want to immediately start using it into their businesses.

Why is Pinterest the hidden secret to traffic driving & sales....?

Time vs Return;

We are currently working in a world where we don't question spending hours "engaging" on social media - with very little ROI (return on investment). Regardless of the results that Pinterest brings, I believe the No1 reason why it has success is that it's easy and people stick to it.

They do it consistently and through the incredibly simple analytics, they learn from what works and leverage that.

Once set up, your Pinterest content can take 30-60mins to set up and will last the entire month. Once the month is out, you have measurable data which you can use to do it all again.

It's this reason I believe it has great success. It's manageable in a busy schedule, its 100% measurable and you will see traction with in the first 4-6 weeks, which then only continues to grow.

Fitting Pinterest into your schedule consistency is why it's so successful.

Search Engine vs Social Platform

The biggest mistake I see with peoples perception of Pinterest is they believe it is another Social Media platform. It is not.

Pinterest works on the same algorithm as Google, it is a search engine. But what's better, is it's a visual search engine, perfect for businesses with the visual product. Pinterest actively wants to put the right content in front of the right users - and works hard to push people off the platform as quickly as possible. Just like google.

This isn't the case for social media. If you've seen the Social Dilemma on Netflix, you will know, the No1 aim for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TicTok....(the list is endless) - is to keep its viewers on the platform as long as possible. This was clear when you now can shop on these platforms - without even having to leave the site.

A search engine is very different. It's rewarded by ensuring people find websites that answer their problems, solve their needs, or lead them to a site that can educate and inspire. As long as you are using "user-friendly" keyword, great descriptions and great photography - then your content will show up for those that are looking for it. Because this is how Pinterest (and Google) are rewarded - by making those accurate connections between business and consumer.

Traffic Advantages

I carried out a trial in the summer of 2020, where I was able to get 100k monthly views on Pinterest in 10 weeks.

From this trial - I didn't see 100k sales transactions, any good conversion rate works at 2-5% and I was able to achieve about 3.2%.

However, this extra traffic was incredibly valuable in 2 other ways;

  • Google Profiling; Having this extra traffic on my site flagged with Google. As I mentioned before all search engines want to find answers for us quickly through the use of showing us the most useful websites. The increased traffic Pinterest bought to my site, flagged with Google as "here is a website actively being used, this must be a good, useful website". Therefore not only did I see an increase of traffic from Pinterest, but Google pushed my site up the search ranking and I gain extra views direct from Google as well.

  • Paid Ads; One of the negative aspects of paid ads is "creating an audience" when really, your customer profile is never based on demographics or anything miserable within the ads set up. Retargeting ads are always much better. I always say it can take up to 7 touch points before a consumer commits and paid ad often show our product to consumers who have never need it before. Pinterest allows you to install a Visitor Tracker on your website, capturing the digital in-print of each visitor, even if they bounced straight off. This then allows you to create Retargeting ad's for only those consumers who have at one point landed on your site. You can also do a similar thing with Goggle tracking.

Visual vs Text;

The final reason I see success within a product-based business is Pinterest is based upon visual content that engages, excites and inspires. This makes Pinterest so valuable for product-based businesses - because that is what your product does every day. You already have the visuals, unlike so many service-based businesses.

I have noticed a big increase over the past 12 months of other large retailers using the platform to get in front of the right audience. (Anthropologie, TU Clothing, Lancome, John Lewis - to name but a few when I just opened the app while writing this blog).

This platform is designed for YOU and your PRODUCT. You need to be taking it seriously and putting the time to do it successfully.

BONUS TIP: Business Filter Blinkers

We all have Sale within our stores but don't often want to talk about it for fear of harming our brand's reputation. We want to clear the units, without it always being something we have to talk about aggressively.

As a product-based business, I would advise you to create a "basement sale" or "spring clean" section to your site and continually use Pinterest to drive traffic to that section of your site. You can then do this very quietly, discreetly and without causing any harm to your full-price business. While also driving traffic to new collections, blog posts, look-books and specific product item pages.

So there you have it retailers, was I right?

Do you now want to immediately start using Pinterest to support your businesses traffic and sales?

If so, the New Workbook Perfect Pinterest for Retails, is perfect for you. The Workbook which covers the below 6 video-modules;

  • An Introduction - Understanding the foundations of Pinterest will allow you to pin more effectively

  • Setting Up your Profile - Creating a profile to ensure the right customers are finding you, your brand and your content.

  • Content Creation - Creating Content that serves and supports your customer. The starting point of the relationship building

  • Pinterest Graphics- Creating Pin Graphics that resonate with your customers and push traffic on to your websites.

  • Tailwind Schedule; Scheduling Pinterest so it works in the background - so you can manage the day-to-day of your business.

  • Analytics; Pinterest Analytics helps you understand what content is working - and how to better serve your customers to gain more traffic to your store.

Workbook released Friday 25th June 2021

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