Not Converting from Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the biggest drivers of successful selling within this decade - yet independent business is not seeing this as a worthwhile investment (in comparison to social media)

You may have tried it, briefly - but because there wasn't an instant success you feel it's not for your customer.

Erm, sorry, your business isn’t any different (in the nicest way obviously!)

Your customers are definitely receiving and reading other email communication- just not yours.

And this is why -

Learn to consistently show up and SERVE.

Not occasionally pop up and SELL.

Common Mistake

You only show up to SELL. Your only call to action is BUY THIS. There is no consistency, they can't learn to rely on you. You are not making them feel valued. You are not elevating your email list to be exclusive. You are not SERVING them.

Simple Solution

Commit to a time frame - even if only once a month, be reliable. Popping up in their inbox regularly will build the KNOW factor.

Connect with them. Invite them into your world. Allow them to experience life behind the business. Put a face to the brand, this will start to build the LIKE factor.

And finally, serve them! With extra info, tips, exclusives, up-and-coming, books, podcasts, recipes.

Share customer photos, feedback. This will put you in a place of being the authority, being the experts and its behaviour like this that will steadily build TRUST within your customers.

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