ITR; 1:1 Retail Mentoring - Explained

Wanting to hit the next financial goal?

Not sure what or how to do things differently to see more growth and success?

Overwhelmed and frustrated from the Pandemic?

Recent expansion but struggling to sustain and maintain the success, the pressure?

Know you need to transfer into the digital space, but not sure where to start?

It's not about struggling to do everything - It's about doing something credibly, consistently and efficiently.

It's not about worrying if you have enough time - It's about being focused and considered with the time you have.

The ITR; Retail Mentoring works with small organisations to hit the sweet spot.

Strategies to promote growth, commerciality to allow success and creatives to step in and own your space as a brand with authority.

An honest, experienced and outside opinion to highlight where you need to focus on your business.

Looking at your business from the key focus areas;







Sharing with you the next step actions and key improvements to give your business the push and guidance it needs.

Collectively we put a POA in place to ensure you remain accountable for making the changes, adjustments your business needs in order to FOCUS, GROW, SUCCEED for the longer term.

What is THE BREAK DOWN of a 1;1 Retail Mentor;

Throughout the 6 month mentoring we meet bi-weekly to carve out what and where focus is needed, as well as putting action into place, creating the next steps needed.

Working through the below 6 Focus Areas we will identify what is holding you back, what is working, and what needs accelerating.

The added support of a 1:1 mentor means you are not "left to it", there is the hands on support to drive your accountability, with (Monday - Friday) Voxer chat support/communication.

You'll have access to a proven resource library of templates and guides created from the knowledge of other start-up and big corporations.

What is THE COST of a 1;1 Retail Mentor?

The financial commitment of a 1;1 mentor focusing on your business, creating bespoke strategies and commercial plans is £6000. You have the option to pay in full, or split over 6 monthly instalments of £1000, with no extra cost. Should you want a more flexible finance option you can opt for 10 monthly instalments of £750.


Each mentor program is completely bespoke and tailored to the needs of the individual business - below is a guide to what can/will be covered but not exclusive to.

1. BRAND; You need to ensure that as well as developing your product, you spend equal investment on your Brand. One of the main foundations of building a successful business is ensuring you create a brand to support both the product and the business itself. The Brand is your appearance, your front cover. It’s what you want people to remember, it’s what will encourage people to come back. It’s what people buy into. When people are conscious of whom they are shopping – the Brand is what they look for initially.

  • Brand Brainstorm

  • Brand Values

  • Brand Personality

  • Mission Statement

  • Customer Profile

2. PRODUCT; Creating a Product Strategy is important, not only for your business but also for your marketing campaigns. Firstly we need to understand what product is selling to who, when and why. This is where we pull on our Brand work and put all the pieces of the puzzle together. To ensure we are taking the right product, and selling it to the right person. Secondly, your product all needs to have a meaningful place within your Catalogue Offer.

  • Product Selling Strategy

  • Product Offer

  • Selling Journey

  • Pricing

  • Scaleable Product

3. PARTNERSHIP: Understanding that your business will have more strength and success is you continually build new and lasting partnerships. It's an area of business which is often overlooked. The power of leveraging another establishments audience, is key in substantial success.

  • Wholesaling

  • Collaborations

  • Brand Extensions

4. JOURNEY: The route you create for your customer is the baseline of your success. Every business needs the ability to create a carefully planned out customer journey. From Social to Website. From Email to Website. After the transaction, the delivery, the follow-up - all ensuring easy shopping and great aftercare which will keep them coming back.​

  • From Marketing to Checkout

  • Your Website

  • The Follow Up

  • Customer Experience

  • Create Delight.

5. MARKETING; Digital Marketing is the most powerful tool in supporting your business. It has the ability to tell a story, capture your audience and create longevity within your customers. It should have a pre-planned, structured and streamlined approach - and vital in growing a brand. A well executed marketing campaign it was will distinguish your brand as an enterprise of authority, like and trust. The 3 keep factors to any growing business.

  • Building a Seasonal Campaign

  • Email Marketing

  • Sales Funnel

In addition, there are so many ways in which you can self-promote your brand and your business. This is where the overwhelm comes in. Thinking you have to tackle every option all the time.That isn’t the case. Exploring alternative options will show new and exciting results, allowing you to become the business you want to be.

  • Blogging

  • Building a Community

  • Networking

  • LinkedIn

  • Testimonials

  • Competitions

6. STRATEGY: An idea is just the start. A plan makes it happen. The strategy allows you to grow into the business you want to be, effectively and without overwhelm. Step away from the side hustle mindset. Levelling up your actions, taking your business seriously is what will allow the growth and success you desire.

  • Planning & Hindsight

  • Scheduling

  • Wholesale & Suppliers

  • Long Term Strategy


If you feel like you are ready to take that next step within your retail venture, book a 30 min discovery call so we can chat more; BOOK CALL

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