Is Your eCom Platform Lettering You Down?

In 2021 you need to be aware of the entire customer journey - and all the possibilities to capture traffic on your site.

• Social

• Email

• Pinterest

• SEO.

You shouldn’t be driving traffic to your e-commerce site from just one platform (normally social media for a lot of SME businesses)

There are so many other ways to capture her.

However, when you do get her on your site, these are the 3 common mistakes I see with so many platforms - which results in the really high bounce off rate (visits lasting less than 5 seconds)

Once you’ve captured her, you need to make her experience easy, exciting.

Ensure that your e-commerce platform isn’t letting you down with these 3 common mistakes.

About You Page

Shop Small & Local has built fantastic momentum over the past 12 months. Consumers now more than ever want to shop with businesses with beating hearts, real people. Yet so many e-commerce sites lack the very information consumers are looking for.

You must ensure you are telling your story. Inviting us into your journey. Sharing the reason your product is unique.

Your website is currently missing YOU from it. Leverage the power of video, whether it's a welcome message - or a time-lapse video of the process your product goes through. Make it unique, make it interesting, make it have meaning!

Over Complicated Navigation

Ideal navigation will allow consumers to find your product through multiple routes. Don't hide everything away in specific categories. Allow your product to be found through different product channels. Eg, a Lamp could be found under "Lighting" as well as "Bedroom"

Name them from the customer perspective - they are the ones that are searching. Don't overcomplicate the titles, categories. Often website thinks too much about the SEO, but it's useless getting them to your site if they cant find anything.

Every item or category should be findable in just 3 clicks. Don't have too many pages/clicks between landing on your homepage and finding the item.

Lack of Browsing Potential

The majority of shoppers are "just browsing" - yet so few websites have areas for the shopper to browse.

Customers want no-committing ways to learn more about you and your brand.

  • Look-books

  • Photo-galleries

  • Inspiration

  • Blogs

  • About us pages -

  • Customer Reviews

These pages are the perfect ways to keep shoppers on your website longer, without forcing them to make a decision. Keeping them on your website has 2 benefits.

Firstly, Google will see your website as a "rich" website if people are spending longer amounts of time browsing.

Secondly, it's through these pages that you are subtly selling your product - slowing building the like, know and trust factor for them to eventually buy.

It's through these simple, actionable steps you will allow your customers a more engaging journey on your e-commerce platform. We spend so much time pushing them there - yet are you ensuring their experience is a good one?

If you are looking for ways to get more conversions from your Product Pages, check out the Resource Centre for 15 Ways to Create highly Converting Product Pages

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