Events - with Nicki Capewell

Thank you so much for being part of WYNTK blog series!

You have had huge success with Pedddle and I'm so excited to learn more about Tresstle….

Before we jump into all the wonderful opportunities you provide, could you firstly share a little about yourself, your business and how you got to this point?

Hi, I’m Nicki founder of Pedddle and Tresstle. I’m a mum and a small business supporter. Although a full-time teacher, I loved to visit the creative markets in my spare time but finding them was always tricky. I then created Pedddle which is a directory of the creative events I enjoyed to attend and also link stallholders to their markets too! Skip forward a couple of years and now we have Pedddle & Tresstle.

So tell us a little more about Tresstle, and why you came to create this new platform?

When Covid happened last year, all the markets shut and our small creative businesses had no outlet and limited revenue streams as the independent shop also shut, so we took it online. We ran 11 events in 2020 through our website but now, as markets reopen, I wanted to keep Pedddle and the online events as two separate entities and so Tresstle was born.

Tresstle is an event platform for creative businesses. Business owners can host their own events or take part in organised events. It’s a place to collaborate, market your business and sell your products. It has online streaming via Tresstle TV and it’s an exciting development in the creative industry.

Who is Tresstle for, what type of businesses?

Tresstle is for any creative business, event organisers, influencers, boutique shop owners.

What can business owners expect from working with Tresstle?

An easy to use platform that directs everyone to one space for an online event.

I would hope participants get more sales and followers during the build-up and after the market, increased brand visibility, potential collaborations and more potential customers in the future. Online makes it tricky to trace where a sale has come from and who is seeing you! However, if you don’t get involved and put your brand in front of new audiences you are not going anywhere. Find new event organisers and link up to get your slice of the market organisers (plus everyone who is taking part) audience.

I say it’s about making the most of every opportunity and the more you can get involved in the better. Tresstle TV offers a different level of exposure and it’s worth giving it a go too!

Due to Covid, the majority of indie business now have an online space to sell their products - how will this platform continue to support online businesses and elevate their brands?

Tresstle is different to online marketplaces, it provides specific collaborations often with a theme and more urgency when it comes to shopping. Markets are very time-phased lasting a day up to a week usually and we wanted to mimic this for our customers.

Facebook adverts and such can be placed to direct traffic to these pages which cannot happen when these events are run on social media. I expect to see a rise in people balancing their online and offline presence and the growth in online events to increase. It allows people to connect with small brands to support them but also reduces access barriers for the shopper!

When pre-planning an event, what advice would you give to an independent business?

Preparation is key! You cannot shout about it enough and being present is key. Online events are about teamwork more than ever. If everyone is collectively pointing to the same place online i.e. the event page then you are pooling your audience. However, I’m also a strong believer in getting a sale wherever you can. So tell your family and friends too! They might have a reason to buy and by letting them know you might just prevent them from nipping onto Amazon to buy a gift!

You are not a lady to sit still - so what else can we expect to see from you in the future?

Growth of these businesses I guess. There might be more but, for now, at least, I love what I have created in Pedddle and Tresstle, and want to see them support more businesses and allow the creative industry to flourish.

Thank you again Nicki - it's great to find out more about Tressstle, it sounds fantastic - the opportunities are endless. Finally, what is the best way people can get in touch with you to learn more?

I love an Instagram DM, but I can also be reached by email at Find us at or and they also have contact us forms!

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