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Answers to frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with a Mentor?

Deciding to work with a mentor is a big decision. Firstly, you are in a place where you actively know you want to make changes, to focus, grow, succeed - and you know you can’t do it all by yourself. Secondly, it’s allowing someone else into your business. Your business is something you have probably nurtured since day one. The high, the low, the sleepless night - it is yours. Allowing someone into this space is a big commitment - and I don’t underestimate that decision at all. I’ve worked for many start-ups, and I know the emotional and personal connections which are created.

Structure of working with a Mentor

All partnerships are for 3, 6 or 9 months. There are no “quick wins” in life, let alone retail. It’s ever-evolving marketing where you have to be always planning, as well as actioning the current season/campaign/trend. We will via Zoom for 60 or 90min session. These will be recurring sessions either bi-weekly or monthly depending on the level of support. I see the most success with clients that keep to the same session time each week. It allows you to build a routine, manage your time and deadlines effectively. My clients often mention the feeling of “that night before my homework is due” - This is intentional. Accountability to make the changes needed is a big part of the mentoring processes. Structuring and allocating time for your business development is so important. You have to set yourself up for success - prioritising the time means you are ready to make changes. Outside of the sessions, you will have full email, Voxer (similar to WhatsApp) support Monday-Friday. As well as avaliability to all of ITR Retail Resoruces.

Is it the right time to work with a Mentor?

I always ask my clients, are you ready? Are you ready to make a change? Many clients are often so clear that “something needs to change” - though they don’t know what that is - that's my job!! But they are at the point where change is needed and are ready to leap. It’s in a mindset shift. Wanting to make change vs NEEDING to make the change.

Will the Mentor understand my Brand?

You are your brand, and any successful mentor will call upon you, your experience and your past learning to guide them on the ins/outs of your brand. It is not the responsibility of the mentor to “understand” the brand - it is through the partnership that you educate each other.